Jigna Vora is not the real culprit: Tawade

Latest News in Mumbai: Maharashtra legislative council’s opposition leader Vinod Tawade said in a press meet that J. Dey’s murder case is not being solved properly by the Mumbai Police. He also said that JignaVora is not the real culprit in this whole case and she’s being framed in all this.

BJP had conducted a press conference regarding this case. Tawade alleged that the case investigation has not been satisfactory. Jigna Vora is being framed because she was close to the J.Dey and J.Dey knew a lot about the match fixings in IPL matches. It’s just because he knew all about the fixing in the IPL matches, somebody killed J. Dey. Tawade also demanded that Police should find out the real killers instead of arresting the innocents.

Opposition leader in legislative assembly Eknath Khadase also said that government failed to solve common man’s problems and also said that opposition parties are becoming successful of targeting the government on various issues. He stated that the package announced by the state government to solve the drought affected areas is the best example to fool people.

Regarding the whole toll row which is currently getting a lot of coverage, Khadase said that, “It is true that the corruption is on in these toll nakas, and government is supporting these companies indirectly.



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