JMNews Exclusive: Woman pre-warned police about violence

Latest News Headlines In Mumbai : Jai Maharashtra News has copies of two letters that a woman sent to the Mumbai police detailing the violence that was to take place in the name of a peaceful protest, and naming the persons responsible for the violence, but it seems that the letter was not important enough to get the police or the Maharashtra government to take any real action.

The letter was sent by Salma (name changed to protect her identity) to both the police commissioner’s office and to the Maharashtra government on the 9th of August, 2 days in advance of the protest agitation slated to take place at Azad Maidan. She outlined that the protest was allegedly a peaceful one, but that it would turn violent, and even hinted at the organizations that might perpetrate the violence.

However, despite the letter, there were only several hundred policemen at the site of the protest at Azad Maidan, while the crowd numbered over 50,000. Permissions were granted for a crowd of not more than 15,000 people to the Raza Academy. The end result? The 11th August agitation led to the death of 2 persons and injured 63 others, more than half of who were policewomen. If this is not carelessness by the government and the police authorities, what is it?

The Mumbai police admit to having received an intimation that the protest might turn violent, but theMaharashtragovernment denies having received this letter. Mumbai police commissioner Arup Patnaik states in his defense that since they knew that the gathering could turn violent, a joint police commissioner, an additional police commissioner and four deputy police commissioners were deployed at the site, along with more than 700 policemen. However, they were no match for the crowd of 50,000 at the venue.

Mean while, the same woman also sent a second latter to both the police commissioner’s office and to the Maharashtra government about the names of persons who were responsible for the incident on Saturday. A copy of this letter also is available, yet there has been no real action so far.

News of this negligence by the government and the police department have led the opposition to criticize their actions, and question why adequate planning measures were not put in place if there was even a hint of a situation getting out of hand.

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Violence In Mumbai


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