Police raids at party in Nagpur, 173 held

Maharashtra state news Headlines

Nagpur: Nagpur Crime Branch yesterday raided a illegal party at Nagpur. Police arrested 173 boys and girls, who were totally drunk and was not in their senses at all. But Nagpur Police suspects some of them consumed drugs.

According to the police sources, Hotel Sanzha-Chulha’s caramel lounge was the place where this rave party was organised. Rs. 1000 was the entry fees and couple entry was a bit costlier of about Rs.1500. Alcohol were served by the organisers and they also invited some DJ’s from Mumbai and Dubai for their party. More importantly, party’s date and time was informed by the Facebook.

When Nagpur Police came to know about this party, they raided it and arrested 173 boys and girls and sent them to the medical check-up.

If anybody has to organise a party or an event in a lounge or a pub, they must inform police and take a proper permission. But in this case, organisers, Pub owner and DJ was found guilty about not informing this to the police. Police filed case against 8 including the above mentioned people. Police registered a case against all of them according to the IPC 131, informed Nagpur Police commissioner Dr. Ankush Dhanvijay.

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Rave Party In Nagpur

Rave Party In Nagpur


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