Asha Bhosle slams MNS

Latest News in Mumbai: “I want to see what MNS will do when Sachin Tendulkar will play against Pakistan’s cricket team.” said Asha Bhosle in a function here today, adding more fuel in the recent controversy of Surkshetra, MNS and Asha Bhosle.

Asha Bhosle should not participate in the show in which Pakistani artists are also participating, was the stand of Raj Thackeray’s MNS party. But Asha Bhosle made her presence in that show and not listening to MNS’ warning she faced Raj Thackeray’s ire. She even politely counter attacked on Raj Thackeray’s remarks which stirred the atmosphere for a while.

Then MNS threatened to shut down this show, and warned that they will protest against it. But now Asha Bhosle gave them a reply which won’t be appreciated by the MNS party.

Asha Bhosle said that, “There is a cricket series between Pakistan and India in December this year, a possibility of India will play against Pakistan in T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka from next week, I just want to see that what MNS will do if Sachin will play against Pakistan.” She further said that, “I love to live in peace and I don’t want to comment on anything else, I personally think that Sur and Art can’t be bound in a single thing, it’s not right and appropriate.”

After this reaction of Asha Bhosle, what stand MNS will take is interesting. This issue was almost closed but today’s remarks will make it difficult to resolve this issue.


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