Bebo silent on wedding preparations!

Latest Bollywood Celebrity News:

Currently in Bollywood there is a only gossip and that is about the Bollywood’s hot and sizzling couple Kareena and Saif’s wedding preparations. There is a buzz that Kareena’s mother-in-law and Saif’s mummy Sharmila Tagore has already started to distribute the invitation cards of the wedding, but Kareena don’t know why is still keeping her mum in this whole issue.

Recently, Kareena attended an event of Filmfare magazine to promote her upcoming movie ‘Heroine’, Kareena was asked too many questions on her wedding preparations, and surprisingly bebo didn’t answer any of the questions. She also said to the present media to only ask questions about her movie because she is here to promote her movie and not to speak about her wedding plans.

As Kareena was not keen to speak about her wedding plans, but she spoke a lot about Saif. Now there are reports publishing on their wedding date, venue, menu etc, but bebo is not at all keen to share her wedding plans to anybody. What is reason behind maintaining that silence Bebo?

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