Petrol prices may come down!

Latest News New Delhi: Prices of crude oil decreased in the international market earlier this week and rupee takes a jump as compared to dollar are the two favourable things that can take down the prices of petrol in the country. This price cut maybe implemented from September 30.

Common man, which is scorched in this rising inflation may get some relief from this decision. According to the latest figures issued by Petroleum Ministry on September 20, price of crude oil in international market was $ 116 per barrel, which is declined now to $ 106.74.

In last week, Central government hiked the prices of Diesel and also restricted the cap of domestic cooking gas and LPG. This created an outrage among the people and even UPA government’s ally, Trinamool Congress withdrew its support from the government. This decrease of the crude prices will definitely give a relief to the common people.

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