Schools to get drinking water, toilet in six months

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New Delhi: Every school in the country is now going to get fresh drinking water and toilets within six months according to the order of the Supreme Court today. The apex Court ordered centre and state governments to provide these basic amenities to the students along with the other basic amenities.

Supreme Court’s bench headed by Justice KS Radhakrishnan ordered this to the governments’, he also gave six months to the governments’ to implement this in throughout the country. Court also asked the governments’ to take a step forward and to take an initiative to make these things happen.

The apex Court, last year, on October 18 had ordered all states and union territories to build and improve basic amenities especially for girls in all government schools.

Earlier, a study showed that the government schools in the country lacks the basic amenities like drinking water facility and toilets. The apex court then stated that it is essential that all schools provide toilet facilities. As observed, studies indicated that wherever toilet facilities are not provided in schools, parents do not send their children to schools.


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