Double Dhamaal in Bigg Boss 6!

Entertainment News Mumbai: There are gossips which had already spread about the much hyped sixth season of celebrity reality show Bigg Boss. And the latest gossip among this is that there will be a double dhamaal in Bigg Boss house this season.

Someone will ask then, that what is the new in this season? because there is new in every season of the Bigg Boss house.

So the new thing in this season is that, like in UK’s version of Bigg Boss, Bigg Brother has double versions, this season of Bigg Boss will also have the double versions. Means in this season of Bigg Boss, you may see two Bigg Boss houses. One house may include celebrities and the other house may include common people. That means there will be double treat for the audience.

In a celebrity house, where you can see the quarrels between the celebrities and in the common man’s house you may see their sorrows. All in all, Bigg Boss will be using common man theme for this season as KBC have already done it.

And you all know that this all is just for the TRP. Because common man is much better than the Fish and parrot.


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