No motive in Bhayendar double murder!

Latest News in Mumbai: Seldom do we hear of murderers who kill in cold blood, yet leave the place of crime without touching the gold ornaments worn by the victims. And this is really what happened, when two women were found dead in a flat in Bhayendar on Monday night.

Two days after Flora Rodricks, aged 45 and her friend Shilpa Gandhi, 32 were found murdered in Flora’s Bhayandar flat, the police are still wondering about the motive for the crime. Preliminary investigation revealed that there was no forced entry into the flat in Hemakunj Building on Bhadrakali Road, and today the police confirmed the robbery too was not the motive, since the gold ornaments that the women were wearing had been left intact. Now, the police are looking for evidence of a love angle, and are also questioning Flora’s son, who is believed to have raised the alarm when he returned home that evening.

21 year old Naizer Rodricks is reported as having reached home only at 9.30pm on Monday evening, and had to resort to using the spare key kept with a shopkeeper when knocking at the door and calls to his mother failed to yield answers. He found his mother and her friend, who stayed a few buildings away, lying in a pool of blood, and informed the police. However, the police have been questioning him about his whereabouts on that day, and why he came back so much later than he usually did from his college in Vasai.

The police also wonder whether there was a love angle involved, even though they have not revealed any details about this angle yet. Wadke, the senior inspector from the Bhayander police station has confimed that the two women were found smothered and then stabbed multiple times with a blunt object, but they weapons used have not yet been located. Thorough investigation of the house revealed that no valuables or household articles had been touched.

The two women had become fast friends since they stayed just a few buildings apart, and often spent evenings together, according to the neighbours. They had also enrolled in the same gym, which they used to visit together, and this might have led the police to suspect a love angle. Detailed questioning of neighbours, the watchman and relatives is yet to reveal a concrete motive.


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