Govt spending 27 cr for Kasab’s security

Latest Mumbai News: Terrorist Ajmal Kasab, who has been sentenced to death in 26/11 attacks and waiting for the decision on his mercy plea is getting a high security on which Maharashtra Government is spending a hefty Rs 27 crore.

Kasab is currently jailed in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail, which is surrounded and guarded by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). The cost of keeping Kasab secure in this jail is a whopping Rs 27.32 crore.

Currently, Maharashtra government is paying the bill for the security of Kasab, which is given by Indo-Tibetan Border Police. But the state government is hoping that Centre Government will pay this bill as securing Kasab is a national issue.

Afterwards, the state home department requested Central government that it would not pay the bill after this. Home department wrote a letter for request. Central home department, suggested state home department that it will sort out the issue by communicating the ITBP officials.


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