Air India to sell its Mumbai office?

Mumbai News: The recent slowdown in Aviation Sector throughout the world also hit Indian aviation sector. And not only private airlines are hit by this but a government controlled airline like Air India also suffered because of this. The cash-stripped Air India now shifting its headquarters from Mumbai to New Delhi. Currently, Air India’s office which is located next to the Trident hotel has been leased by the Collector of Mumbai to Air India.

And now there has been talk that the office of Air India, which is next to the trident hotel, likely to be moved to Delhi from Mumbai. And this decision has been reportedly taken by none other than Aviation Minister Ajit Singh.
This decision of the government is heavily criticised by the opposition, especially BJP as Opposition leader of the legislative assembly Vinod Tawde has claimed that this Congress led centre government is planning to make good profits from this dealing of selling the building.

Vinod Tawde also claimed that the Congress party is very close to the realty industry in the city and just doing this because of taking advantage of the profits from the realty industry.

Air India building is like a landmark of the city. This building has a history and it is on the prime location.


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