Big Boss: Sapna Bhavnani takes Panga with Salman

Latest News in Mumbai: Bollywood superstar and Bigg Boss season 6 host Salman Khan is now facing an ire of Bigg Boss contestant and celebrity hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani. Bhavnani is currently in the show and mocking the Bollywood since she entered in this celebrity reality show. But now she has started using cuss words against Salman.

Obviously, these words used by her during the show were aptly edited by the production.

In one elimination episode when Sapna was nominated to eliminate, Salman had asked her, “If you are not here to play the game, are you on a picnic at a resort?”. For which Sapna replied, “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati karte rahe. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bull s***t sunti rahoongi har Friday. (You have no right to insult me every week. I am being paid to be on the show but that does not mean I will take the bull s**t lying down.)”

Sapna even further said, “If I win the show, I shall buy his painting and gift it to him.”


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