Make Sachin Aussie PM: Hayden

News Headlines Mumbai: The act of batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar being given award of ‘Order of Australia’ is now really making an outrageous situation in the cricket circle as former Australian opener Matthew Hayden on Wednesday expressed his disapproval the decision of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Hayden seemed very furious over this decision as he thinks that this award should be given to the Australian citizen. Hayden thinks that even though Tendulkar is a popular figure in Australia but this honour should remain limited for the Australian citizens.

Hayden was getting interviewed on a radio show where he expressed his opinions. Hayden said, “Now, if Sachin was living in Australia, give him the Prime Minister’s gong I reckon, but the reality of it is he’s living in India.”

On Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard made the announcement while she was visiting a cricket clinic at New Delhi and said Tendulkar would receive the honour from Simon Crean, Minister for the Arts and Minister for Regional Australia, when he visits India.

Gillard told reporters here, “Cricket is of course a great bond between Australia and India. We are both cricket-mad nations. I am very pleased that we are going to confer on Sachin Tendulkar, membership of the order of Australia (AM).”

Gillard also said that, “This is a very special honour very rarely awarded to someone who is not an Australian citizen or an Australian national. The award will be conferred on him by cabinet Minister Simon Crean when he visits India.”

Later in his interview, Hayden realised the seriousness of his comments and then he tried to cover it up by saying, “I kind of understand the point of the fact that he has been such an iconic figure here in Australia and there’s an enormous population of Indians that are working here and living here very happily and in harmony with Australia that have naturalised and I think that’s a great part of our country, how multi-cultural that we are.”

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