SRK, Arjun Rampal no longer friends?

Mumbai: It looks like Shah Rukh Khan’s closer friends are also avoiding the actor because SRK’s one of the closest friends Arjun Rampal has been painstakingly trying to keep distance from the superstar. And nobody knows what exactly happened between these two friends?

Reports are suggesting that, Shah Rukh and Arjun had lost their bonding during the shoot of Ra.One. And that is too because of Priyanka Chopra. As media was spreading the rumours of alleged affair between Shah Rukh and Priyanka. Shah Rukh’s many friends, including Arjun Rampal were giving him advises to keep a safe distance from his Don-2 co-star.

And it looks like; Arjun’s advice didn’t go down well with Shah Rukh Khan. Later there were many misunderstandings were aroused and the thread of Arjun and Shah Rukh’s friendship was becoming very thin. After that Arjun started to avoid Shah Rukh publically in many events. Even Shah Rukh then, started to keep distance from Arjun and her wife Mehr. Arjun’s wife Mehr and Gauri Khan were best friends. But Gauri and Shah Rukh were absent from Arjun and Mehr Jesia’s 14th wedding anniversary celebration.

Now this is the season of friendships are vanishing like anything, even in Bollywood!

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