Kareena chooses ‘Khan’dan ki Ijjat over money

Mumbai: Bollywood actresses are always in demand for performing in high profile weddings in the country. Kareena Kapoor is no exception to this. She may have performed at many weddings in the past, but now Mrs Khan decided not to perform in any of these weddings.

Source close to Kareena said that, “Organisers are willing to cough up anything from Rs. 6 cr to Rs. 8 cr for these acts, but Kareena does not want to do anything that could even remotely harm the reputation of her family. Saif belongs to the royal family of Pataudi and Kareena probably took the decision keeping her in-laws’ status in mind.”

Even Kareena agreed that she has taken this decision for the family. Kareena said, “My family is looked at with immense respect and I will never do anything to embarrass them. I can’t even think of dancing at weddings, especially from now on. Being a youth icon, I do not want to set a wrong example. This is a decision made by me and I will stick to it.”

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