City of Mumbai is insecure for women!

News Headlines: Women in a city like Mumbai are not feeling secured and safe in public spaces, as they are being molested and taunted sexually, even being harassed and face theft. An NGO called Akshara, which works for gender sensitization, had conducted a survey. Their survey revealed these shocking facts that the women in the city are feeling.

The study found that the women are being teased near the places like liquor shops, subways where the women found the vendors threatening. Few vendors have been seen taking photographs of women who are going by the subways. Even on the skywalks women are teased. Cases of whistling, singing songs, passing cheap comments and stalking women and girls are very often.

The women in the city face theft near the gardens, parks and even near the bus stops. This report stated that, “Police presence was inadequate and absence of CCTV made it difficult to detect crime.”

The joint Commissioner of Police (crime) said that, “The perception that city women are not safe is not statistically borne out.”We want women to feel safe and have always prided on the fact that it is the safest city in the country. Police patrolling is again a perception thing. There is constant patrolling but its focus shifts given the urgency at a particular time.”

Maharashtra news

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