Are Maharashtrians not talented?

Marathi News : In this televised modern world, an individual needs a TV 24×7. If TV is must, then the Indian audience also loves to watch daily soaps and reality shows.
If you see television nowadays you can see reality show on different channels. Reality show has actually captured the market of family drama or daily soaps.
Nowadays there is a discussion which is going on amongst the Maharashtrian. Then the question arises, why the judges of recently started Marathi dance reality show are Non-Maharashtrian? Dance Maharashtra Dance which comes on Zee Marathi. There are three judges who are judging the show; one of them is Swarup Medra who is a non-Maharashtrian. Same goes with a reality show which comes on ETV Marathi. The name of the show is Jallosh Maharashtracha and similarly, the judge of the show is ‘Nache Mayuri’ of Bollywood Sudha Chandran.
The discussion has stretched as it is also discussed in the Marathi industry as well. A major question has arrived in each and every individuals mind. Are Maharashtrians not talented enough to judge a reality show?


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