Asaram Bapu calls media, ‘a barking dog’!

News Headlines

Pandharpur: After getting slammed by everyone in the country for his remark against the Delhi gang-rape victim, Spiritual guru Asaram Bapu on Tuesday justified his comments. He also called all the media persons as ‘barking dogs’.
The spiritual leader compared himself to an elephant and said that, “The dogs always bark when elephant walks.”
He also said that his remarks were misinterpreted by the media.
Asaram Bapu was addressing his followers while he said that, “First one dog barked. Then another dog barked. Soon all the dogs in the neighbourhood started barking.”
Asaram Bapu was at the centre of a controversy on Monday after he said that the 23-year-old gang rape victim was equally responsible for the monstrous crime and said the girl could have called the rapists as her brothers and should have begged them to stop assaulting her.
According to Asaram Bapu, his speech was misunderstood without knowing the right context. If his comments would have taken in the proper context, people would be respecting him for his comments on the Delhi gang rape case.


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