Shocking: Minor girls sent to boy’s hostel as punishment

Bhopal: No relief for women in the country from the assaults and attacks as another shocking incident has happened in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh. A non-government organisation (NGO) which has been given a task with the welfare of minor girls is now under the scanner as the NGO has allegedly sent disabled and mentally weak girls to boy’s hostel as ‘punishment’.

According to the report of a daily, this practise was continued since past few months. The Madhya Pradesh government entrusted this NGO Bright Star Social Society which is situated in the city of Sehore. This NGO was running separate hostels for boys and girls.

When a team of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) conducted raids on the NGO’s building in Mandi area of Sehore on Tuesday, they found that the girls in the hostel were not in a stable mental state and were not ready to talk. When they asked the reason to the supervisor they came to know that these girls were forcibly sent to the boys’ hostel which is right next to the girl’ hostel whenever they committed any mistake or complained about poor facilities in the hostel provided by the NGO management.

These girls were brutally beaten sometimes if they complain about anything. When the team of SCPCR conducted the raids, out of a total 48 girls, only 30 were present in hostel premises.

The district authorities have, meanwhile, cancelled the licence of the NGO to run the hostels.


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