No death penalty for rape: Verma committee

News Headlines : Justice Verma Committee, on Wednesday, submitted report on reform in anti-rape law. It’s more than a month after the horrific gang rape cum murder that the committee submitted recommendations on anti-rape law in India.

The 3 member committee headed by former chief justice JS Verma was setup after the offensive Delhi gang rape case. The panel has recommended forceful laws to deal with crime against women in its 630 pages report.

But this report has also mentioned that the death penalty is not the ultimate solution for the rapists. The Committee also recommended minimum 20 years of imprisonment for the gang rape and life imprisonment for the rape. The recommendations also include gender sensitisation of police force across the country, time-bound trials in cases of any form of violence against women and the inclusion of stalking and molestation under the purview of criminal laws.

The Congress had suggested to the Verma Committee that rapists should be given a maximum of life sentence and capital punishment must be reserved only for rarest of rare cases. Under the existing law, the maximum punishment for rape is a life term but the nation-wide outrage over the gang rape of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student in a moving bus had sparked a demand for death penalty for rape convicts.


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