Delhi gang rape episode repeats in Aurangabad

News Headlines

Aurangabad (Maharashtra): Only a month after the brutal gang rape and murder in Delhi came out and as the nation is still grieving, one more incident shocking incident has been occurred in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad as a case has been registered of gang-rape case, Where a 23 year girl was brutally assaulted by four men in midnight.

The 23 year girl was waiting near her house for her brother, when the four men came and covered her mouth and took her to a deserted place and raped her. The locals immediately reached to help her as, they heard the girl screaming. Residents allegedly held the two accused and the other two accused were arrested by the police.

Miffed residents severely impaired the car of the accused. Rape case has been filed by the police against the four accused.

Ram Bodkhe one of the accused, was also found guilty in the infamous Aurangabad rape cum murder case of Mansi Deshpande in 2007.  The court, recently gave him a clean chit for 2007 case.

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