Asaram Bapu’s followers attack media persons

Navi Mumbai: Today spiritual guru Asaram Bapu was slammed for the pre-holi celebration in which lakhs of litres of water was wasted.

RPI party members agitated against the spiritual guru, due to which the furious followers of Asaram Bapu attacked the media persons in Navi Mumbai.

While targeting the media, the followers pelted stones and even bashed them. In this, ‘Jai Maharashtra’ reporter Atul Pagare was also hit on his head.

After this attack the reporters were stalled in the bus. The supporters even tried to encircle the bus.  Police intervened in the attack and tried to force out the supporters. But, the reporters alleged that the police did not intervene when the supporters were attacking the media persons.

Home Minister R R Patil said that, “If this attack was directed by Asaram Bapu, then police will take strict action”. Housing Minister Sachin Ahir also refuted this attack.


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