Bollywood to celebrate waterless Holi

Latest Mumbai News : Considering the drought-hit places in state, B-town has planned to celebrate Holi only with colours. There is a great relationship of Bollywood and Holi celebration since past 4-5 decades. Bollywood has given many great hits for the Holi in their various movies.
Bollywood always takes the initiative to support the common cause for “Aam Janta” and this time they have decided to play Holi only with colours and no water.
Many celebs asked their fans not to waste water as the scarcity for it is very huge.

Lata Didi said that, “Maharashtra is facing worst droughts and Holi can be played with only colors”. She also adds that we should conserve the water before it becomes scarce.

Sonakshi Sinha stated that “I would urge people to enjoy the dry holi keeping in mind the recent drought affected areas in state”.

On the other hand Riteish Deshmukh pledges to save water by not playing Holi this year.

Actors like Vivek Oberoi, Suniel Shetty, Farhan Akhtar decides to play waterless Holi.

Whereas, actress Juhi Chawla and TV Serial actress Sakshi Tanvar says that one should be serious about water conservation and it should not only be for the occasion of Holi but also in everyday lives by some or the other ways.

The Nawab – Saif Ali Khan believes in water as well as energy conservation. He also adds that one should become more civilized and understand their responsibilities.

Raveena Tandon plans to play eco-friendly Holi with her kids.

Ajay Devgn states that at his home he plays Holi only with Gulaal. He also requests the citizens to come together in saving water which is one of the precious resources that we have today.

The other Bollywood celebs like Asin and Tusshar Kapoor also take the initiative to play waterless Holi and save water in our daily lives.

The whole B-town has involved themselves in conserving water and playing safe Holi. Let’s hope the common masses are inspired by their support and enjoy the Holi only with colours.


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