MARD doctors go on indefinite strike

Mumbai News: The Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) has called for an indefinite strike from Tuesday to fulfil their protruding demands. This mass leave will majorly affect the health of the patients.

The residential doctors demand includes raise in the salary from Rs. 6, 800 to Rs. 15,000. Apart, from the hike they are also demanding for security and state residency scheme for accommodation. Their demand also includes in annulling the education fees which are increased every year and reduce the working hours.

The MARD had planned for a meeting with the Union Health Minister which failed and they decided to go on indefinite strike.

The state resident doctors working in public hospitals, including 1,700 doctors in Mumbai and the resident doctors from 14 medical colleges across the state are joining the strike. While, in this strike the J.J. Hospital’s resident doctors are not participating. The government said that those who have joined the strike, strict action will be taken against them under MESA act.

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