Drinking water tanks not cleaned from 3 years, admits NMC

News Headlines

Nagpur: The carelessness of Nagpur Municipal Corporation has come in forth. The Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) does not take enough measures to keep the drinking water clean; Nagpur Municipal Corporation has even admitted this. Under the Right To Information Act (RTI) it has come to light that, the tanks which provide drinking water to the city is not been washed from past three years.
When the Muncipal Corporation was asked to give information on the sanitization of tanks it informed that, from 38 tanks only 2 tanks are washed in 3 years.

From past one month, there is an increase in the number of water borne diseases in Nagpur. When this news came out, Municipal Corporation asked the people to filter the drinking water. But if the drinking water tanks are not sanitized from past three years then it is of no use to filter drinking water.

There are overall 10 Zone in the Nagpur city. But till date not even a single water tank was cleaned. From past one year a private company is providing water to the city. The big question arises as to what Municipal Corporation was doing from past one year.

While, Municipal Corporation blamed the company who is providing water to the city from past one year.
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