High Alert on Konkan coastline

Breaking News

Sindhdurg: The Konkan coast has been put on high alert after receiving the information of a suspicious ship heading towards Konkan from Pakistan with arms and ammunitions on June 1 from the Union Intelligence Bureau. The terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack in 2008 used the waterways to enter the country. Therefore, considering the 26/11 Mumbai attack the police have called for a high alert on the coastal regions of Konkan.

The Maharashtra police have passed on the information to the Goa police of the suspicious ship. Tight security has been set up on the coastal regions.

The suspicious ship might land on Raigad, Ratnagiri or Sindhdurg coastal region of Konkan according to the intelligence bureau reports. Sindhdurg district has 120 km coastline. Tight security has been set up at this place.

Due to heavy rainfalls the fishermen of this region does not go for fishing. Using the opportunity of this situation the suspicious ship might halt on the coastline. The police have set a tight security on the coastline and are patrolling the area accordingly. The people of this region are asked to be alert and if any suspicious object or movement is observed, immediately report to the police.

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